Who We Are

The Toledo-Lucas County Sustainability Commission is a group of representatives from local Businesses, governments, and non-profit organizations that work to promote and educate about sustainability in our region.

The Sustainability Commission chooses projects using the holistic model of sustainability, often referred to as the “triple bottom line.” The “triple bottom line” means we seek to address environmental, economic, and social issues.



To enhance the health of ecological, social, and economic systems to produce vibrant, sustainable communities and happy, healthy citizens.


The mission of the Toledo-Lucas County Sustainability Commission is centered on three directives- to educate, to engage, and to act throughout the region around all issues connecting, natural, social, and economic systems. We provide assessment, guidance, and goals through the Going Beyond Green Initiative. We work to encourage collaboration and provide balanced benefits for the good of all communities — human and non-human — in the region.



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